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Become a trustworthy steel logistics service provider

Guangdong Yehui Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yehui Steel) was established in 1995, headquartered in Shunde Science and Technology Industrial Park of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. After more than 20 years of development, Yehui Steel has become the leading modern iron and steel logistics service provider of "iron + internet + financial " in China.

Yehui Steel is the strategic partners and regional agents for large steel mills of home and abroad, such as Baosteel, Angang Steel, Ma Steel, Lianyuan Steel, Valin ArcelorMittal, NSC of Japan and POSCO of South Korea. Its business covers South and East China, providing first-class logistic services for the industries of auto parts and components, home appliances, IT and OA, etc.

Leading by the principle of “Yehui Steel, Steely Promise” and based on professional and excellent services, Yehui Steel has gained widespread acceptances and compliments from inside and outside the industry. Yehui has been awarded“Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit” by Guangdong Industries and Commerce Administration for more than 22 consecutive years, awarded by Shunde Government as Key Supported Enterprise, i.e. Dragon Enterprises, of Excellent Enterprise Growing Projects for five consecutive years since 2010, For many times, it has been awarded Strategic Partner, Outstanding Agent, Excellent Supplier, and Gold Client by steel mills, clients, and financial institutions of home and abroad.

Yehui Steel adheres to the management concepts of “bringing profits to clients and benefits for employees, committed to partners and responsible for society”, in order to build up a trustworthy steel logistics service provider with active and innovative efforts!


Company culture

Become a trustworthy steel logistics service provider
  • Our VisionBe a trustworthy steel
    logistics service provider

  • Core ValuePeople-oriented,honest and modest

  • Our Philosophy Sincere,Specialized and Superior

  • Our MissionCreate profits to clients and benefits for
    employees,committed to shareholders and
    responsible for society

product & service

Meet and exceed user expectations
with excellent products and services
Steel processingPrecise and efficient processi...

Yihui iron and steel introduces 4 advanced high-speed steel plate longitudinal shear units and 7 high-speed transverse shear units,
Processing range: thickness 0.23mm-3.5mm, width 600mm-1650mm,
Ordinary carbon steel coils with a coil weight of less than 20 tons, with an annual processing capacity of 600000 tons, provide customers with all-round shear processing services.

Warehousing logisticsBring brand-new experience of ...

Yihui iron and steel has a logistics distribution base of 100000 square meters (30000 square meters of standard steel warehouse
90000 tons indoor storage capacity), equipped with Swedish Scania heavy tractor and Japanese Hino heavy truck
30 sets (specific single load transportation capacity of 2000 tons), using intelligent management system to provide customers with all-weather logistics services.

Product applicationsComprehensive and meticulous b...

Yihui is committed to providing all kinds of high-quality carbon steel plates for automobile, household appliances, it, OA and other industries
Ordinary carbon steel plate, including: cold rolled steel plate, hot-dip galvanized steel plate, electro galvanized steel plate, electrical steel plate (silicon steel sheet)
Color coated steel plate, tinned steel plate (tinplate), aluminized steel plate, aluminized zinc steel plate, hot-rolled pickling steel plate, high-strength steel plate, stainless st

CertificateISO 9001, IATF 16949 certifica...

ISO 9001, IATF 16949 certificate

Stocks for saleA brand-new steel logistics se...

Ye Hui iron and steel is making full efforts to build steel and Internet plus finance, steel logistics services, and realize the sharing of resources under the online line.
Provide one-stop steel logistics services to meet customers' personalized needs.


Available resources

"Steel + Internet + Finance" New Steel Service

Product name





Weight (tons)

Product NamePlace of OriginBrandThicknessSpecificationsWeight (ton)GradeWarehouse
Cold rolled coilAngangST120.500.50*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST120.600.60*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST120.800.80*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST121.001.00*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST121.201.20*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST121.501.50*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST121.801.80*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST122.002.00*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangDC030.600.60*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST121.501.50*1250*250050ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilAngangST122.002.00*1250*250050ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC0.500.50*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC0.600.60*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC0.700.70*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC0.800.80*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC1.001.00*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC1.201.20*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangSPCC1.501.50*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangDC030.600.60*1390*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilShougangDC030.800.80*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)BJDC1.201.20*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)BJDC1.501.50*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC0.600.60*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC0.700.70*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC0.800.80*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC1.001.00*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC1.201.20*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Cold rolled coilTaiwan SinosteelSPCC1.501.50*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z0.600.60*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z0.700.70*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z0.800.80*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z1.001.00*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z1.201.20*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilShougangDX51D+Z1.501.50*1250*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilAnsteel TissenDX51D+Z0.800.80*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Hot dip galvanized steel coilAnsteel TissenDX51D+Z1.201.20*1219*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)B50AH4700.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)B50A4700.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)B50A6000.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)B50A8000.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilBaosteel (Zhanjiang)B50A13000.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilTaiwan Sinosteel50C8000.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang
Electrical steel coilTaiwan Sinosteel50C13000.500.50*1200*C50ZhengcaiWushacang